Noemi Purkrábková

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Noemi Purkrábková is a Prague-based media theorist, art writer, curator, DJ and co-founder of BCAAsystem, an amorphous audio-visual collective exploring future territories somewhere between music and visual art. Together they are involved in a range of projects from audiovisual performance to video work, writing, gallery exhibitions and music label activities. She is an editor of Art Antiques magazine and a contributor to a number of others, as well as a PhD candidate at the Department of Film Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, where she is researching the productive poetics of digital fiction and the ontogenetic qualities of contemporary generative images both outside and within contemporary moving image art. She currently works as a curator at the Holešovická Šachta gallery and curates independently, both on her own and as part of the experimental curatorial platform Proto Gallery Systems. She also enjoys writing (and sometimes speaking) more artistic or poetic texts for video voice-overs and narrative audio works. (2023)