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Ivana Rumanová is a cultural critic, cultural worker and anthropologist.

She studied Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague and the Cultural Projects in Public Space programme at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Since then, she has never really left this interstice between social sciences and art, experiencing both deep enthusiasm and sincere scepticism towards them. She worked as a curator at Nová synagóga Žilina, she is a member of the editorial board of the magazines Kapitál and 3/4. Recently she's been interested in the financialisation of art and urban development, possible more-than-human alliances and alternative models of land ownership as forms of resistance to wild urban development projects, the destigmatisation of leftist thinking in the context of Central Europe, trade unionism and organising platforms of freelance cultural workers. She used to curate solo exhibitions, now she is more interested in exploring collective practices and event- and research-based projects. She is based in Bratislava. (2023)

Projects (selection)

  • Index Fossil, exhibition project, New Synagogue Žilina, curator, 2019.
  • Radical Care, Nová Cvernovka Bratislava, residency program curator, 2021.
  • FIST, festival of inclusive sexuality and physicality, collective curating, June 2022.
  • preliminary research of the incarcerated workers rights, realised together with Kristína Jamrichová for the Human Rights Forum, since 2023.


(in Slovak, unless otherwise stated)

  • "Kúpeľné mestá, regenerácia utópií a spoločnosť post-práce" [From liquid times to a pool. Spa cities, utopia regeneration and post-work societies], in Architektúra starostlivosti: slovenské kúpele v druhej polovici 20. storočia, ed. Petra Hlaváčková, et al., Bratislava: Archimera, 2019.
  • "Všelijaké těžko definovatelné plácky. Bratislavské Lido v kontextu divokého developmentu" [All sorts of hard-to-define patches. Bratislava Lido in the context of wild development] (with Peter Szalay), ERA21 2: "Architektura a divokost", Brno: Era Média, 2023. [1] (Czech)
  • "'Our clients are the most valuable thing we have.' Pseudooživovanie miest cez development na príklade bratislavského Lida" ['Our clients are the most valuable thing we have.' Bringing cities to life through development using the case study of Bratislava Lido] (with Peter Szalay), in Správa o slovenskej architektúre, eds. Henrieta Moravčíková, et al., Bratislava: Slovart, 2023. Publisher.
  • "Nemodli sa a nepracuj!" (with Jakub Huba), Kapitál 11: "Vizionárska fantastika", Nov 2023, pp 24-25. [2]
  • Mestský rozvoj pre koho? Bratislavské Lido medzi vágnym terénom a expanziou centra (editor, with Eliška Mazalanová and Peter Szalay), Bratislava: tranzit.sk, 2024. Project website. Publisher. Book launch. [3]

Further texts in Kapitál, Artalk, Deník Referendum, Flash Art CS, A2.