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Demobit is a demoscene party organised in Bratislava and Nitra. On its occasion, sceners from Slovakia, Czech republic and elsewhere present their code-based visuals, audio and images. The first Demobit was organised in 1993.

  • PKO, Bratislava, 6-7 May 1995. Files. Files.
  • DK Zrkadlový háj, Bratislava, 21-22 Nov 1998. Website ( Files. Files.
  • Staré divadlo, Nitra, 26-27 Feb 2000. Website ( Files. Files.
  • Staré divadlo, Nitra, 15-16 Dec 2001. Banner. Files. Files.
  • Demobit Resurrection, Binarium, Bratislava, 27-29 Jan 2017. Website.
  • Demobit Resonation, Binarium, Bratislava, 2018. Website.
  • Demobit Resolution, Binarium, Bratislava, 1-3 Feb 2019. Website.
Competition categories and PC Demo winners
  • 1995: PC Demo, PC 4k Intro, Amiga Demo, Atari ST Demo, Atari ST Intro, Multichannel Music, 4-Channel Music, Graphics, Sinclair ZX Spectrum Demo, Sinclair ZX Spectrum music-in-interrupt, Sinclair ZX Spectrum music-with-samples, Sinclair ZX Spectrum graphics, C64 Demo, C64 Graphics, C64 Music. PC Demo results: Zoantrophy by MiST (619 points), Flight by SiN (545), Unlogical by EastWood (370).
  • 1998: Demo, 64k intro, 4k intro, 256B intro, Music, Image, Raytraced Image, Web design, C64 Music, C64 Graphics, Real-time coding. Demo results: Cage by Zircon (118), Why by 7Gods (113), Xlat by MovSD (112).
  • 2000: Pixel, Raytrace, Music 32k, Music, Intro 256b, Intro 4k, Intro 64k, Demo, Webart, Wild. Demo results: Fate by 7Gods (200), Different Engine by Satori (63), Secret Ultra Dry by Broncs (62)..
  • 2001: Demo, Intro 64k, Intro 4k, Intro 256b, Wild, Chip, Graphics. Only one demo was submitted B10 by Satori.