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Ana Vujanović (1975, Belgrade) is a cultural worker focused on bringing together critical theory and contemporary art. She holds a PhD in Humanities (Theatre Studies) and a post-graduate diploma in Cultural and Gender Studies.

She has lectured at various universities and was a visiting professor at the Performance Studies Department of the University of Hamburg. Since 2016 she is team member and mentor at SNDO, University of the Arts Amsterdam and since 2022 - guest professor at HZT, University of the Arts Berlin. For many years she was a member of the editorial collective of TkH [Walking Theory], a theoretical-artistic platform based in Belgrade, and editor-in-chief of the TkH Journal for Performing Arts Theory. She participates in artworks (performance, theatre, dance and video/film) as a dramaturge and co-author with artists such as Marta Popivoda, Eszter Salamon, Christine de Smedt, Dragana Bulut etc., most recently in the documentary film Landscapes of Resistance directed by Marta Popivoda (2021). She has published a number of articles and written and edited several books, most recently A Live Gathering: Performance and Politics in Contemporary Europe, ed. with Livia Andrea Piazza (Berlin: b_books, 2019) and Toward a Transindividual Self: A Study in Social Dramaturgy, ed. with Bojana Cvejić (Oslo: KHiO, 2022).

She is based in Berlin and Belgrade. (2023)