Ľubomír Burgr

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Born 1964 in Prešov. 1979 – 1985 studied violin with Štefan Demeter at the Conservatory in Košice. 1985 – 1990 member of the orchestra of Jonáš Záborský Theatre in Prešov. 1986 cofounder and leader of the band Ali Ibn Rachid. 1990 moves to Bratislava. 1991 joins the theatre ensemble “Stoka“ (“Sewage“), contributing as musician, composer and actor. since 1995 member of the ensemble Požoň Sentimental. 1996 – 1999 studied composition with Ivan Parík at the Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava. 1999 founding member of the Dogma band together with Martin Burlas, Zuzana Piussi and Daniel Salontay. 2000 founder of the Association for Contemporary Opera with Martin Burlas.