Yuriy Kruchak

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Born in 1973, Poltava, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Finished Kharkov art-industrial institute. Post graduate in Nuremberg Academy of Art and in Ukrainian National Academy of fine art and Architecture.
Is one of the founders of art non-profit organization Open Place.

Solo exhibitions and collaborations: “О.Т.S.E” (1999); “ShAVE after ShAVE” (2000); “Coca-cola and Sacred War” (2000); “Baby” (2002); “Dream-Net” (2002). Group exhibitions and festivals: “Come to our Space”, KOHLENHOF gallery, Nuremberg, Germany (1998); “Scaffold”, Arsenal gallery, Poznan, Poland (2001); “New York – New York…, Central house of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine (2001); Festival «Cultural Hero», Kharkov, Ukraine (2002); “Eurografik” Center of contemporary art, Moscow, Russia (2003); “Metropolitan express”, K-11 gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine (2004); “Male miniature” Municipal gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine (2006); Festival «Sintezija», Vilnius, Lithuania (2007). The best film of Baltic 2007 “NextFestival 007” Vilnius, Lithuania (2007).
Winner of International Competition of Visual Art “EIDOS – 2006/07”, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Yuriy Kruchak breaks borders between art, science, mass-media and reality by creating specific poetry of game of the conventions existing in the modern world.
Yuri’s activity is directed on revealing of spaces of our sensuality which is not learnt and the ways of recognition of reality.
Characteristic feature of his works – to prompt the spectator to the active actions, to cognition both and their own and external world.