Vujica Rešin Tucić

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Vujica Rešin Tucić (Вујица Решин Туцић; 1941, Melenci – 2009, Novi Sad), was one of the most prominent adherents and protagonists of the Yugoslav neo-avant-garde in the 1960s and 1970s. Rešin Tucić was a writer, visual artist, poet, polemicist, essayist and editor. He published 12 books and carried out a large number of subversive and provocative art projects across the cultural space of the former Yugoslavia. Also, he co-founded the art groups Januar, Februar [January, February] (1971) and Atentat [Assassination] (1972), all based at Novi Sad, Vojvodina/Serbia.

The private review Adresa [Address], with Tucić as its founder and publisher, was one of the most significant neo-avant-garde periodicals in the former Yugoslavia; he also worked as editor in the reviews Polja [Fields] (Novi Sad), Ulaznica [Entrance Ticket] (Zrenjanin), Dalje [Further] (Sarajevo) i Tisa (name of the river, Bečej). Furthermore, he established and contributed to the literary school The Tradition of the Avant-Garde (Open Society Fund, Belgrade, 1993–95), acted as co-founding member of the alternative literary circle K21K (Novi Sad, 1994/95) and organizer of the literary anti-war caravan Pod granom oraha [Under the Walnut Branch] (Open Society Fund, Novi Sad, 1994).

Works by this author and visual artist have been entered in dozens of art and/or literary almanacs, surveys, selections and anthologies. His literary opus earned him a number of awards: Vasko Popa Prize, The Seal of the Town of Sremski Karlovci and Paja Marković Adamov Prize. (Source)