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Jonáš Gruska, VooDooMan and Matúš Kobolka at Next festival, A4, Bratislava, 2012. Photo: Gabriela Zigová.

VooDooMan (17 May 1980 – 20 October 2015, Bratislava) was a Slovak experimental musician, poet, artist, programmer and radio host.

VooDooMan released his albums in limited editions of 33 CDs on his own label, Oshipanah Records, some of them as 4-CD packs, with track lengths ranging from 2 seconds to 80 minutes.

On 20 May 2013, LOM records released a CD compilation of his recordings, Voices from Antidimension, and a DVD with his full discography for collectors (LOM04).

EDIT by VooDooMan: I have removed my civil name, since I think the most enthusiasts will discover it anyway. I just want to be a mysterious person. Sorry for that.

  • Website (archived 2013), with free download of his songs in mp3 and in FLAC format, as well as CD/DVD images for burning in either .nrg, or .cue/.bin and .iso format.
  • Video
  • VooDooMan at Zvukolom
  • R.I.P.