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The art association "production Radisic/Trkulja" or p.RT™ was established in 1996. Vladimir Radišić (1976) and Jovan Trkulja (1973) graduated in 1998 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad. After a period of companionship, exchanging experiences and ideas, they began their professional cooperation. Being aware of social and material limits in their surroundings, they have gradually developed high level of organization of their work. The artistic development led from an interest in purely aesthetic problems (1996), through picture and sculpture, to the design and exploration of electronic media and photography in conceptual context (exhibitions during 1997). All this brought them to the field of intermedia research and interest in the exploration of new media. As a p.RT™ team they have been mostly engaged in site-specific projects, or in projects that involved working with experts in other fields (linguists, immunologists, engineers, programmers etc). At present, their projects are mostly crossovers between popular culture, design, science, their intimacy and art. They are very interested in "using new technology for rediscovering humanity". They exhibited on more than 40 exhibitions in Serbia and Montenegro and abroad (Rome, Helsinki, Wroclaw, Budapest, Vienna, Graz, Warsaw, Munich, Zagreb / Novi Sad, Beograd, Vrsac...).

p.RT™ is one of the founders of Centre for New Media Kuda.org in Novi Sad.