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UBERMORGEN (b. 1995, CH/AT/US) is an artist duo synthesizing autistic actionist lizvlx (Liz Katlein, she) & pragmatic visionary Luzius Bernhard (they). Net.art pioneers, ‘Master Deducers’, and ‘Media Hackers’ are widely recognized for their Online Actionism, Haute Couture NFTs & Websites, Polarising Social Experiments, Radical Research & Empathy, Dark AI, nonbinary Primitivism & Conceptualism. CNN called them ‘Maverick Austrian Business People’ during their Vote-Auction project, challenging the FBI, CIA, & NSA (US presidential election 2000). A series of conceptual hacks (EKMRZ Trilogy, 2005–08) shook the foundations of the dominating e-commerce giants: Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir and The Sound of eBay. The Next Biennial Should be Curated by a Machine (2021) used AI-TikTikPop to catapult visitors into 64 twisted parallel universes. Today UNINVITED AI Horror Film & Crypto Art collide to create deeply nostalgic synthetic organisms and The D1cks, hand-pixelated 1 of 1 Haute Couture NFTs reveal ‘L‘Origine du pixel’. (2024)