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Transverzala was initiated in Zagreb in late 2005 by Vesna Vuković and Leonardo Kovačević as a lecture-series that promotes transversal knowledge production and new ways of political engagement. This lecture-series’ profile has been much influenced by French theory – more specifaclly by Jacques Ranciere’s thinking – and by such institutions like College internatioal de philosophie from Paris or eipcp from Vienna.

So far this programme hosted Oliver Marchart, Chantal Mouffe & Ernesto Laclau, Katja Diefenbach, Boyan Manchev, Artemiy Magun, Jodi Dean, Alberto Toscano, Eric Lecerf, Rado Riha & Jelica Šumič-Riha, Gerald Raunig, Tina Leisch, LIGNA-group, Stefan Nowotny

Coordinated by Leonardo Kovačević.