Tamás Szakál

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Born 1973 in Budapest. Media artist. His work explores acoustic connections between physical and dataspaces and map the boundaries between digital networks and the analogue world. Graduated at the Media Art Department of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. In the last few years he has been artist in residence at Mars Exploratory Media Lab / Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication / St. Augustin and C3 in Budapest. In 2004 co-founded Nextlab.

His works have been presented at various exhibitions, festivals and conferences, such as: Venice Biennale of Architecture / Italy; ISEA2004, International Symposium on Electronic Arts / Helsinki, Stockholm, Tallin; 3rd Seoul Indievideo Festival / Seoul, Korea 2003; Art + Communication / Media Architecture Festival / Riga, Latvia; Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media / Stuttgart, Germany; Mecad New Media Centre / Barcelona, Spain; Germany; Garage Festival / Stralsund, Germany; Net.congestion Festival / Amsterdam, Netherlands. For his installation "Dialtone" he recieved the 2001 Digital Sparks Award, 1st prize at Fraunhofer Institute / St. Augustin, Germany.