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Aldo Rossi, 1970.
Born May 3, 1931(1931-05-03)
Milan, Italy
Died September 4, 1997(1997-09-04) (aged 66)
Milan, Italy
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Architect, designer, artist, theoretician, teacher, and author, Aldo Rossi (1931-1997) is the most well-known figure in Italian architecture for the post-1968 period, and one of the most important architects of the second half of the 20th century. Founder of the Neo-Rationalist movement, Rossi published two influential books that have been basic reading for architects and students since their publication: L’architettura della città [The Architecture of the City] (1966), and Scientific Autobiography (1981).

His architectural work is based on a limited vocabulary of original forms inspired by the architecture of his native northern Italy (cone, chimney, baptistery, theatre, and passageway). Buildings seem to be drawn from a memory that exists outside time itself, the result of a meditation on history and the very essence of architecture, as exemplified in such haunting works as the San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena (1971-1978), and the ephemeral floating Teatro del Mondo (1979) in Venice.

Rossi taught and lectured in Italy, Switzerland, the United States, and Germany. He also designed furniture as well as functional objects, such as his famous teapot, for the Italian firm Alessi. (Source)


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