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Was born in 10.06.1981 in Dimitrov, Donetsk region, Ukraine.
Ukraine, Donetsk region, Dimitrov, microdistrict Vostochny, b. 3, fl. 87, 85300.
+38 0665576575

Free artist, works in different styles and directions.
sms art:
Participant of many group exhibitions and festivals, the organizer of “Street Art Fest” in Kharkov.

The member of the Ukrainian union of artists.
In 2008 graduated from the Kharkov Academy Of Design And Arts, Fine arts faculty, Monumental art.
In 2009 The Worldwide Alliance “Peacemaker” has awarded me with the Talent And Vocation Medal.

Personal exhibitions:
07.02.2011 «The plan of runaway from Donetsk area» The Kharkov City Art Gallery, Ukraine.
04.07.2010 «STOY KTO IDET» International young art biennale Moscow, Russia.
21.05.2010 «IF» Contemporary art museum, Perm, Russia.
01.07.2010 «History of beautiful mania» Volga Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
12.04.2010 «Dreams About War» VOVA-TANIA gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.
02.02.2010 «Symbol of faith» Museum of Russian art, Kiev, Ukraine.
17. 09.2009 «Sky ore» Volga Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
28.05.2009 «Miner's folklore» Ukrainian House, Kiev, Ukraine.
11.02.2009 «In day with fire» Volga Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
27.02.2008 «Your miner» Building of city administration, Donetsk.
03.10.2007 «Your miner» Art Foxtrot Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine.
08.09.2007 «In day with fire» Maestro gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.
12.01.2007 «SMS-Art» Maestro gallery, Kharkov, Ukraine.