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Lucid Light Comp.#2
Artists: Elvar Mar Kjartansson, Unnur Andrea Einarsdóttir, Joseph Marzolla, Leo Stefansson, Alexander Zaklynsky (IS), Tony Maslić (NL/RS)
Producer: The Lost Horse Gallery

A dynamic instalation created through the collaboration of artists as an explorative remake of aesthetics and ideas exhibited by Bulat Galeyev and the Prometei Institute in Kazan, Russia. – Galeyev researched “synaesthesia and its manifestations in art, arguing and defending the opinion that it is not the mind anomaly but a norm of human psychics (perception, imagination, creativity). He considers it as a specific manifestation of non-verbal thinking, realized by either involuntary or purposeful comparison of the impressions of different modalities, on the basis of structural or semantic and, most of all, emotional similarity. On his opinion, synaesthesia is social, cultural, but not biological phenomenon. It is exactly language and art that serve as the ‘testing areas’ where synaesthesia is formed and most actively cultivated.”

The work was a part of the Remake exhibition held in Brno in 2012.