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Artist: Aleksandra Hirszfeld

The sound installation Infotainment delivers a disturbing experience in which we are confronted with enormous amounts of data and information that describe the world we live in affected by showbusiness and the omnipresent mass media. Infotainment is an attempt to repeat and revise the methods of the French writer, filmmaker and founder of Lettrism and Situationism Guy Debord (1931–1994). Aleksandra Hirzfeld draws on his film The Society of the Spectacle (La Société du spectacle, 1973) and the eponymous book (1967). In her rework, the young Polish author contemplates the possibilities of recontextualising Debord’s ideas at a time when patterns of social and cultural policies have been radically altered.

“What in the past was considered an escape from the system, today loses its critical impact and is absorbed by the system itself. Critical thinking has been transformed into accepted and consumerist lifestyle and becomes just another commodity. Coming to terms with these new conditions of contemporary criticism is only possible through a new, closed and autonomous space that will serve as a platform for independent observations of reality. This principle worked in times of Guy Debord and can be also reinstated today.” (Aleksandra Hirzfeld)

sound 25min, lightbox 106x106

Part of the Remake exhibition.