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Paul Stubbs is a British (Liverpool) born sociologist and activist-researcher who has lived and worked in Zagreb since 1994. His work focuses on policy translation, international actors in social policy and social development, new green-left municipalisms and, increasingly, the history of Yugoslav socialism, social welfare and the Non-Aligned Movement. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb.

His publications include the books Social Policy and International Interventions in South East Europe (Deacon and Stubbs, eds, 2007), Towards Open Regionalism in South East Europe (Stubbs and Solioz, eds, 2012), Transformations in Global and Regional Social Policies (Kaasch and Stubbs, eds, 2014), Making Policy Move: Towards a politics of translation and assemblage (Clarke, Bainton, Lendvai and Stubbs, 2015), Social Inequalities and Discontent in Yugoslav Socialism (Archer, Duda, Stubbs, eds, 2016), and Socialist Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement: Social, Cultural, Political and Economic Imaginaries (ed, 2023). (2023)