Nazariy Zanoz

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8-bit, chiptune composer. Also known as Mystic Hero.
Born in 1988 in Terebovlya, Ukraine.
Nazariy started his chipmusic project in 2009.
In music making uses trackers (Sunvox, Beepola, MadTracker2, etc.) and soft like VST-plugins in Fruity Loops.
First and only Ukrainian 1-bit composer.
His music was released on netlabels: Qulture.Ru, AnnRainbowEater, Pxl-Bot.
Mystic Hero is a founder and owner of AnnRainbowEater Netlabel. ARE produces not mainstream electronic music.
Collaborates with one another Ukrainian 8-bit composer Claudio Vandalis.
Takes part in compilations: Muse: An 8 Bit Tribute - Volume 2; 1 Channel 1 Note; Chip to Gaza; Cuntoлогія 2010.Brain Damage edition; Nice Chiptune In Nice Place; Chip in Japan; Chip February etc.
Mystic Hero’s music sounds like a themes from old videogames, it has lyric and epic sounding.


My Family (2009);
Kingdom Terebovlya (2010) with Claudio Vandalis;
Everyone Has It’s Own Weird Mission (2010);
Mythology (2011).