Monika Čejková

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Monika Čejková is a curator of the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art at the National Gallery Prague. Previously she worked as curator of the Collection of Photography and New Media at Prague City Gallery, Hauch Gallery and Kvalitář Gallery. She graduated in History of Art at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, Prague. Recent exhibitions include Fotograf Festival 2023: #Hypertension23 at the National Gallery in Prague (2023), Ora et lege II at Broumov Monastery (2023), The Palace of Concrete Poetry at Writers House of Georgia in Tbilisi (2022), Neo-rising at Polansky Gallery in Prague (2022), Ora et lege I at Broumov Monastery (2021), Fantasy Finery at Berlínskej model Gallery in Prague (2021), Blasted Heathat at AM 180 Gallery in Prague (2020). (2023, upd.)