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Mladý pes [Young Dog] - By combining art and information technology we create unique and original experiences.

Mladý pes started in 2010 from the students excitement from various forms of creativity and beauty - not only in arts, but also in technology and science. Mladý pes from its beginning presented projects which combines this different fields. Our goal was to stress importance of collaboration and to show possibilities of technology in a creative meaning. To achieve this goal we use as a tool producing events that present the current quality of new media art works and their creators. Recently, we also started to create our own technological solutions - mostly interactive installations.

We combine the art world with the world of new technologies. We produce in cooperation with international partners cultural events, design and implementation of interactive experiential installations, create non-trivial web applications and games, data visualizations. This all with an emphasis on cross-boarder approach, aesthetics and technical precision.

Members of Mladý pes: Lubica Drangova & Matej Fandl

Ľubica Drangová & Matej Fandl