Michal Rataj

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Born 1975. Studied musical science at FF UK Prague and composition at AVU in Prague. Studies abroad: Royal Holloway University of London, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin a Universität der Künste (Berlin). In 2004 artist-in-residence in MuseumsQuartier, Wien. Since 2003 studies electro-acoustic music at HAMU as PhD student. Pegagogue at HAMU, music director and producer for radioart on the Czech radio. Cooperates with Lemurie. Member of the EBU Ars Acustica and of the SHOCK. Participated in European festivals - V:NM Graz, AudioArt Kraków, NextWave Praha, Intermedia.bb in Banská Bystrica (with Peter Machajdík), Elektronischer Frühling in Vienna (with Peter Machajdík).