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Metelkova (Avtonomni kulturni center Metelkova mesto; Metelkova City Autonomous Cultural Centre; AKC) is an autonomous social and cultural centre in the city centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city. Formerly, the site was the military headquarters of the Army of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, then it became the Slovenian headquarter of the Yugoslav National Army. It consists of seven buildings (military barracks) extended over a total area of 12,500 m², which have been squatted since September 1993. The squat is named after nearby Metelko Street (Slovene: Metelkova ulica). (2023)

Metelkova mesto is a centre of artistic and handicraft creation, political activity and independent cultural production in the fields of music, theatre, painting, video, comics, sculpture and other arts. It is also known as a relaxed and inspiring social space. Sixteen years ago, it was created precisely because there was no such space in Ljubljana.

The city's painstaking but energetic development was made possible by the many groups that fought again and again, establishing autonomy, new spaces, new content and new culture. In addition to the spaces that, as in any other city, are mainly dedicated to socialising, entertainment and the exchange of opinions and ideas in the evenings, many artists and craftspeople work in the studios and workshops of Metelkova. Their murals, statues, benches and games, their care for the parks and their creation of new hidden corners contribute to the liveliness and vibrancy of Metelkova. Over the years of its creation, it has acquired its own visual image, completely separate from the capital, which reminds the visitor at every step of groundbreaking events, inputs of creative energy and social reactions to the works created. (2009)