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The Melos-Ethos International Festival of Contemporary Music is a biannual festival held in Bratislava since 1991.

The original aim of the festival was to present classic works of the 20th century avant-garde scene, thus filling the gap created by the former regime, and also to present works by Slovak and Czech modernist composers, spanning from the late 1950s to the present day - works which were marginalised and kept under the lid. Building upon this initiative, Melos-Ethos has become a platform for the meeting of Slovak music and current trends in contemporary music worldwide, both in the field of composition and performance.

The festival is held every other year in November, and includes 10 to 15 concerts. Its main organiser is the Music Centre of Slovakia, delegated by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, and the programme is drawn up by the festival committee. Every festival is prepared in close cooperation with international cultural institutions and other local or international organisations. Concerts are held in Bratislava's halls, churches, and theatres, and the festival booklet is published in Slovak and in English. (2020)