Martinka Bobrikova

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Lives and works in Oslo, Malmö, Bratislava.

Martinka Bobrikova is a multi-media artist whose work spans performance, installation, video and sound.

In 2006 she received BA degree in Scenography from Academy of Fine Art in rome, Italy and two years later received Ba degree in Fine Art from La Laguna University, Spain. She has been visiting student at HIAK, Oslo, Norway, CAA, Hangzhou, China and Valand School, Gothenburg, Sweden. She has recently graduated from the Malmö Art Academy within Nordic Sound Art joint study programme.

From 2005 she works with Oscar de Carmen. Since then they have been part of several urban Eco-actions, eco-economic interventions and activities in various European countries, exhibiting in several solo and group shows, to mention a few: Röda Sten and City Museum in Gothenburg, Space Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia, Kurant in Trømso, Museum of Contemporary art in Roskilde, Singuhr hoergalerie in Berlin, Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi, Sanat Limani in Istanbul, USF in Bergen and many others. Their field of work is to investigate and analyze, through the food collected by them in rubbish bins.

They focus their field of action on environmental actions and events organized in the streets in order to prove that that there is a mutual connection between the intolerability of our planet and the food products defined as products subject to spoilage under the quality policies of hypermarkets, supermarkets and groceries, as well as producing energy out of it to make their art sustainable by itself.