Mara Traumane

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Researcher, art critic and curator currently working in Riga and Berlin. As a freelancer, she is collaborating with Center for New Media Culture RIXC and other creative projects ranging from recollections of 80's samizdat novels and manifestos to the development of net-based script tools. After questioning influence of recording technologies in art, her research looks upon the links between time-based interdisciplinary and new media creative practices from the 1980's and nowadays. The PhD Interdisciplinary art practices in the post-Soviet region from the 1980's till nowadays is detailed research of the artists work in Riga and Moscow. Since 2000, she curated and co-curated several exhibitions, sound and new media projects. Currently she is engaged as editor of the anthology of the Latvian avant-garde artists group Workshop of Restoration of Unfelt Sensations (NSRD). Her texts on art, new media and culture have appeared in magazines, catalogues and online publications. Her PhD research is in the Latvian Academy of Art, in 2005/06 research at the Humboldt University Berlin (DAAD scholarship).

  • Interview with Mara Traumane on her research in Latvia, [1]