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Initiatives: Kinokophone (*2010), ma-net (*2003), Manchester Digital Development Agency.

Festivals: Futuresonic, Abandon Normal Devices (*2009).
Events: Manchester Girl Geeks (since 2009), Dorkbot Manchester (*2007).
Past events: Oekonux Conference (2009), Media Ecologies and Post-Industrial Production conference (2009), Expo (2006), ISEA98.

Spaces: Arc Space, MadLab digital laboratory. more.

Art workers: Dorota Kawęcka, Martin Dodge, Steve Symons, Yuwei Lin.

  • Manchester at Indie Travel Guide, [1]

alternative base

Amsterdam, Bergen, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Kyiv, London, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Seoul, Tokyo, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb