Lucia Repašská

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Lucia Repašská is director and artistic director of the D'epog experimental platform. Her artistic research focuses on the limits of spectatorial perception in contemporary audiences. As an artist moving between the alternative and underground scenes, she collaborates with prominent figures of independent culture and deals with the phenomenon of actor training and stage work on the basis of site-specificity, drama, intermedia and performance.

She studied theatre directing at JAMU in Brno in the studio of Arnošt Goldflam. During her studies, she had internships in Poland (PWST Kraków) and Denmark (Odin Teatret Holstebro) and worked with directors such as Eugenio Barba, Bogdan Hussakowski and Krystian Lupa. In 2015, she defended her dissertation and published the book Dekompozičné princípy v inscenačnej tvorbe [Decompositional Principles in Performance Design].

In collaboration with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the Brno University of Technology and the HumeLAB Laboratory for Experimental Humanities, she completed her interdisciplinary research on feedback mechanisms of the autopoietic loop and communication techniques with the publication Umění persvaze [The Art of Persuasion] in 2021.

She regularly presents the work of the D’epog ensemble and her own teaching and lecturing activities at conferences and theatre festivals at home and abroad.