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lokal_30 is a small, 30-square-metre flat with a unique, homely atmosphere steeped in history. lokal_30 is located in a former artists’ studio in a pre-war house at Foksal street in Warsaw, and has been open to the public since 2003 as an open artist studio and since 2005 as a project space lokal_30.

lokal_30 is not a gallery, nor does it resemble any other art institution. It does not seek to compete with the former, but to co-operate by providing a complementary space for projects that could not be carried out elsewhere.

lokal_30 supports all efforts that serve art, artists and the creation of all sorts of new projects: one-off events, works-in-progress, performances, actions, socially involved initiatives, meetings and discussions. The latter will focus on the presentation and promotion of video art in the lokal_30 environment, where we want to provide the best possible conditions for the enjoyment of and reflection upon contemporary video art, and discussions with the artists..

lokal_30 is run by Agnieszka Rayzacher, Zuzanna Janin, Michal Suchora and by the artists they invite as a venue where quality art – innovative and fascinating – is shown and made.