Konrad Smoleński

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Artist. Born 1977 in Kalisz, Poland. Based in Warsaw and Bern. Konrad Smoleński works the fields of photography, video art, installation, performance and happening. He is one of the pillars of the Penerstwo group based in Poznań and an animator of the alternative music scene Pink Punk. Smolenski often makes use of spectacular pyrotechnic effects, in contrast minimal with the usually minimal punk aesthetic. A fine, chiselled precision is typical of his works, and this quality that gives them the purified, ascetic character. The artist has also experimented with music production through ‘Sound Booming’, guerrilla concerts by the group BNNT. Konrad Smolenski’s practice brims with surprising objects, such as bombs made out of gymnastic balls, or music instruments constructed from military missiles. Such objects are marked with his intervention (being shot through or burnt, for example) and enter into dialogue with the concept of the ready-mades. A sense of anxiety can be found under the aesthetic layer of Smolenski’s works, drawing the most fundamental questions about fear, death and the ultimate.