Katarina Šević

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Katarina Šević (1979, Novi Sad) is an artist, designer, editor, publisher and mother. Šević inhabits different places and languages: she was born in Yugoslavia, was educated in Budapest, and is currently working in Berlin. Her artistic practice unfolds in performance, video, objects, costumes and publication projects. She orchestrates texts, books, historical materials, locations and archival documents in order to question and reframe established canons and prevalent historical narratives. She has participated in diverse collaborative projects, and has worked together with the artist duo Tehnica Schweiz. She initiated and co-founded two independent art spaces in Budapest, the artist-run space DINAMO (2003-2006) and IMPEX – Contemporary Art Provider (2006-2008). She also co-edited and published several books thematising future narratives such as Die Planung (2007), We are not ducks on a pond, but ships at sea (2010) and most recently an experimental collective publication entitled On the Same Page (2022) that premiered at documenta 15. (2022)