Joanne Richardson

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Born in Bucharest, Joanne Richardson studied philosophy, critical theory, and film and video at NYU and Duke University, and is currently living and working in Cluj (Romania) as a theorist, video artist and program director of D Media, a media art NGO. She is the editor of Subsol, a webzine on activist art and media theory, and of two books, Anarchitexts: Voices from the Global Digital Resistance (Autonomedia Press, NY, 2003) and Geert Lovink: Cultura Digitala (Idea Press, Cluj, 2004). She has written essays on the historical avant-garde, activist art, experimental film, video activism, tactical media, free software, the myth of authorship and copyleft. Her videos reflect an interest in globalization, nationalism and post-communism, and manifest a critical perspective toward the status of documents, history, and memory.