Jerzy Rosołowicz

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Jerzy Rosołowicz (14 February 1928, Winniki near Lviv - 2 April 1982, Wrocław) was a painter, conceptual artist and art theoretician. His earliest works used matter painting techniques, later he became interested in Władysław Strzemiński’s theory of optics and the search for universal, objective means of expression. Immediately following graduation, he began creating metaphorical paintings inspired by the works of Paul Klee and Joan Miró. He was an active participant in the Wrocław avant-garde art scene and was associated with Jerzy Ludwiński’s Pod Moną Lisą gallery. He attended the Złote Grono symposiums in Zielona Góra, outdoor artistic meetings in Osieki, the Biennial of Spatial Forms in Elbląg, and the Wrocław ’70 symposium. In 1972, he joined Jarosław Kozłowski and Andrzej Kostołowski’s Net initiative, which brought artists from around the world into a long-distance discussion about the role of art in society. (Source)

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