Jan Pieniazek

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A photographer, electro-acoustics engineer, and multimedia artist, Jan Pieniazek is the author of sound-and-visual spatial arrangements, sound objects and interactive installations presented at galleries, during festivals, but also in urban open space and in non-typical places and circumstances. The artist’s ludic realisations (acoustic "Anteaters", interactive "Senseless Machines", "Malicious Mechanisms", and hypnotic mirror spaces reacting to the voice of the spectator with a pulsating laser and ultraviolet shine) illustrate – often in an ironical way – absurd mechanisms of relations with the surrounding technological reality. Member of the "Academy of Movement'" Theatre, where he deals with sound and special effects, Jan Pieniazek collaborates with musicians, composers and artists of visual arts. In co-operation with Katarzyna Górna appeared such installations as: "Anteaters", "Playing Vessels", "Rabbits" and others. In co-operation with Krzysztof Knittel appeared interactive sound installations: "Legs", "Disco", "Transition", "Radio Sculpture" and a few sound actions. Lives in Warszawa.