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A cafe gallery in Novi Sad, opened in 2000.

In August 2000, 3 months before the downfall of Milosevic regime, Mileta and Svetozar Postic, twin brothers from Novi Sad after teaching Art and Literature respectivelly in USA, UK and Lithuania decided to return and make a cultural center. Izba is mainly an idea. It is founded by artists, it is for the artists, it is multidisciplinary and it is supportive of contemporary creation, it embraces young artists and pursue an innovative approach towards culture, art and citizenship. The idea is to produce, promote, distribute and incourage quality art initiatives in Novi Sad, Serbia and abroad. Professional judgement functions as a catalist for projects where synchronic quality is the only criteria in otherwise open center. Izba is trying to take part even on a small scale in building a citizen society with a higher artistic, intellectual and spiritual level.