Iwan Goll

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Iwan Goll (also Ivan Goll, Yvan Goll; born Yvan Lazang) (born Isaac Lang; 29 March 1891 – 27 February 1950) was a French-German poet who was bilingual and wrote in both French and German. He had close ties to both German expressionism and to French surrealism.


  • Chansons populaires lorraines, 1912.
  • Le Canal de Panama, 1914.
  • Élégies internationales. Pamphlets contre cette guerre, Lausanne: Cahiers expressionnistes, 1915.
  • Le Requiem pour les morts de 1916, 1917.
  • Poèmes d'amour (avec Claire), Paris: Jean Budry et Cie, 1925.