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A sketch by Robert Delaunay depicting Ilarie Voronca. Around 1927
Born December 31, 1903(1903-12-31)
Died 1946, April 8 Paris

Ilarie Voronca (born Marcus Eduard), was a Romanian Jewish avant-garde poet, editor of Integral and 75HP magazines. He also used the pseudonym Alex Cernat Roneiro Valcia.

Voronca made his debut as a poet in 1922 in the Sburătorul literary magazine. A year later, he adopted a change in style, adhering to the modernist manifesto published in Contimporanul and began contributing to literary magazines such as Punct and Integral. In 1927, Voronca published a volume of poetry in Paris, entitled after his wife Colomba Voronca. He settled in France (1933) and began writing in the French language. Several of his works were illustrated with drawings by Constantin Brâncuşi, Marc Chagall and Victor Brauner. As French citizen, in 1938 Voronca took part in the French Resistance. He visited Romania in January 1946, and was acclaimed for his writings and anti-fascist activities. He never finished his Manuel du parfait bonheur [Manual for Perfect Happiness], committing suicide later that year.


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  • La Poésie Commune, Paris: Gallimard, 1936, PDF.
  • L'Apprenti fantôme [The Apprentice Ghost], Paris, 1938.
  • Beauté de ce monde [This World's Beauty], Paris, 1940.
  • Arbre [Tree], Paris, 1942.
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  • Mais rien n’obscurcira la beauté de ce monde, L'Arbre, 2000. (French)
  • More.

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