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The Fokus Grupa consists of Iva Kovač and Elvis Krstulović. It has been operating since 2012, adding a new dimension to their collaboration that began in 2009. Both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with deficiencies, which they compensated for in the conservative environment with extra-institutional engagement. Before coming to Zagreb to study, they lived in Rijeka, where they returned in 2013 to become an important part of the Rijeka independent scene, well connected to the regional cultural players. Their work is often characterised by long-term interdisciplinary artistic processes that address nationalism, the precariat, power relations in the art scene and beyond. They have been and still are involved in directing and creating programmes for organisations such as Medica, SIZ and Delta 5, which has given them a direct insight into the working processes from an organisational and curatorial perspective, and not only from an artistic one. (2019)