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Danny Holman is a film producer. He graduated in video from the West Surrey College of Art and Design. Helped start the Exploding Cinema in London before moving to Prague in 1995. There he helped start and manage the successful Terminal Bar before leaving in 2000 to help set up and run a NoD Media Lab in the potentially successful NoD culural centre. He ran the lab together with Šárka Halastová for two years.

From 2001 to 2012 he was VP of Production and ran the development department at Stillking Films where he collaborated on projects with such filmmakers as Richard Kwietniowski (Owning Mahowny), Ivan Zachariáš, Adam Berg, Petr Zelenka, Bob Wade, Neil Purvis (James Bond, Johnny English), Nils Arden Oplev (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), David Dobkin (The Wedding Crashers), Fredrik Bond and Ehren Kruger (The Ring). He also produced the Czech version of the HBO Europe series In Treatment (2011-2012) for Stillking Films.