Crossing Over

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Series of video mini-festivals initiated by Iliyana Nedkova.

  • Crossing Over 1 (1996) and 2 (1997), Sofia. Co-curated by Nina Czegledy. First and second mini-international festivals and video workshops co-produced with National Film & Theatre Academy, Sofia and Soros Foundation Network
  • Crossing Over 3 (1998), Novi Sad. Co-produced by Fine Arts Academy, Novi Sad.
  • Crossing Over 4 (1999), Ljubljana. Co-produced by Ljudmila and Moderna Galeria, Ljubljana.
  • Crossing Over 5 (2000), Columbus/Ohio. Co-produced by Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio.
  • Crossing Over 6 (2001). Co-curated by Nina Czegledy. Sixth Micro-festival of Digital Film Culture. Film residencies for 12 international artists and a series of public events hosted by various venues across Liverpool. Supported by Daniel Langlois Foundation. From Tirana to Toronto seen at 10 venues during European and North American Tour.,vra.vrawork/id,45