Budapest New Technology Meetup

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This meetup is a gathering of the Budapest tech community, with demos and short presentations about new technologies. The objective is to show new approaches, broaden perspectives and connect people in the community. Topics are fairly broad and may cover the latest web 2.0 beta projects, biotechnology experiments, media-art installations, tech startups and social and political projects related to technology. First meetup: 19 January 2007.

The meetup takes place once every month. Each presentation is 5-10 minutes long, with an additional 5-10 minutes for questions. The intent is to keep things short and sweet: a maximum of five presentations will be scheduled for any given meeting. After the demos, people get a chance to socialize, chat with the presenters and each other. Followup drinks in the nearest pub are optional, but encouraged.

The language of the presentations is Hungarian or English. A projector is available. The event strives to remain independent from corporate branding.

Organised by Ákos Maróy, assisted by Balazs Fejes, Szalai Ferenc, Tamas Terray, Viktor Szathmary.