Béla Uitz

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Born 1887 in Temes vármegye [Comitatus Temesiensis], former Kingdom of Hungary, now Romania. Studied at the University of Applied Arts, Budapest, 1907. First exhibition in Budapest, 1914. From 1916 publisher of the magazine MA together with Lajos Kassák. Director of the Arts School for Workers, 1919. After the fall of the Soviet Republic he emigrated to Vienna. Journey to Moscow, participated a the III Congress of the Comintern, 1921. Encountered the Russian avant-garde and their constructivist manifesto. End of friendship with Kassák, 1922. Uitz founded the magazine Egység [Unity] together with Aladár Komját in Vienna. 1922-1924 he was living in Paris, writing under the pseudonym W. U. Martel for various magazines. Worked as a poster artist and set designer. From 1926 he lived in the Soviet Union and taught at Vkhutemas. Director of planning of decorative works in public places. Organizer of the International Bureau of Revolutionary Artists, 1930-1934. From 1950 commissions for monumental frescos together with a collective. In 1970 he returned to Budapest, where he died in 1972.

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