Artur Jaworski

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Aka Viön. Is concerned with the inexplicable magic behind sound and explores the relationship between physical phenomena and human perception. He pays attention not only to the final piece, but to the listening experience itself. A major part of his work is aimed at total sound immersion in a location. He says that it is impossible to create this kind of music---it is only possible to notice and discover it. He experiments with space as a processor of sound, often re-recording sounds in different spaces, revealing the unexpected. VIÖN released his debut album flashbacks on Cpt. Sparky in 1999. Later, as an EA member, he appeared on [~.], r, 11.00 and also on compilation releases. With Membrana (Mem) and Jacek Staniszewski he is part of the trio Viön/Membrana/Facial Index, which released the debut CD Tektonika on Polycephal in 2001. Member of EA.