Arsen Savadov

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Born in 1962 in Kyiv, Ukraine
Graduated in 1986 from Kyiv Art Institute, Kyiv
Lives and works in Kyiv and New York, USA

One of the first Ukrainian video artists of the 1990s.
Video art:
Crests (with Georgy Senchenko, 1994)
Voiсes of love (with Georgy Senchenko, 1994)
Death in the theater (with Georgy Senchenko and Muzcheskiy, 1994)

Video installation:
Bar-bar-ost (with Georgy Senchenko and Alexander Kharchenko)

Selected personal exhibitions:

2007 Paintings. Daniyal Mahmood Gallery. New York
2005 Love Story. Galerie Orel Art Presenta, Paris
2003 Donbass-Chocolate. Galerie Orel Art Presenta, Paris
2002 Kokto. Marat Guelman Gallery, Kyiv
2001 Book of the Dead. Art Moscow Workshop, Central House of Artist, Moscow
1998 Deepinsider: Arsen Savadov (with Alexander Kharchenko), Soros Center for Contemporary Arts Gallery, Kyiv
1995 Arsen Savadov & Georgy Senchenko. House of Artist, Kyiv

       Arsen Savadov. Chasie Post Gallery, Atlanta, USA
Keine dressur! (with Georgy Senchenko). Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow

1994 Christmas Action (with Georgy Senchenko). Marat Guelman Gallery, Moscow
1992 The works of Savadov & Senchenko. Berman Gallery, New York, USA
1991 Arsen Savadov & Georgy Senchenko. Marat Guelman Gallery at Central House of Artists, Moscow