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Anton Lapov (b. 1984). Sound artist, DJ, VJ, media artist, culturological practitioner, promoter. Coordinator of cross-media art-platform RND_concatenation. Master’s degree in prehistory and archaeology (National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"); specialist in archaic lend-art. Based in Lugansk, Ukraine. From 2005 till present – permanent participant (FX, VJ, remixing) of post-rock/trip-hop band 1/16. In 2010 main solo project lap0fvw was started. In this project main locus is implementation of glitch aesthetic and stochastic rhythm structuring of audio-video streams. During 2010-2011 audiovisual concept “RND_concatenation” was presented in different clubs and art-spaces in Kiev, Lugansk, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Crimea. Some demo material was self-released. Full release is coming soon. During 2010-2011 have been developing different collaborative projects in field of media-art in context of activity of art-group 01011101 (Kharkov). Among them:
- project The Scratch (in collaboration with Ivan Svitlychnyi) – sound-art performance/installation;
- project Replicant (art group Saint-Just) – digital poetry, sound-art, video-art.
From summer 2011 began collaborative work with some Lugansk-based sound-artists in context of new audio-visual act Операторы ЪI.