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Wealth of Negations, Please Take Generously. (The past: domestic violence. The present: anxiety attack. The future: desertion, mutiny or more of the same? Place your bets), Billboard poster for Utopian Pulse-Flares in the Darkroom at Secession, Vienna, 2014. [1]

Anthony Davies (b 1965) is a London based writer, independent researcher and organiser, currently working in the Fine Art department at Central Saint Martins College, and with the Wealth of Negations group, coordinating communications on behalf of the migrant-led Cleaners & Allied Independent Workers Union (CAIWU).

As a writer on art, politics and economics, Davies has published in numerous journals. In the late 1990s, along with Simon Ford, he developed a series of critical debates on young British art (yBa) and the Creative Industries, introducing the dystopian figure of the cultural entrepreneur or ‘Culturepreneur’. This was followed by a series of articles in Mute Magazine on the neoliberal transformation of cultural and educational institutions and later texts including "There is No Alternative: The Future is Self-Organised Parts 1 & 2", co-written with Stephan Dillemuth and Jakob Jakobsen, can be found in various publications.

Davies is a founder member of MayDay Rooms (2011-2016), an educational charity based in London and set up as a safe haven for historical material linked to social movements and experimental culture. He has co-organised or participated in a range of self-organised initiatives including Infopool, Copenhagen Free University, Flaxman Lodge, The School of Walls and Space [2], Rosa Kerosene and 10th Floor. More recently, with James Stevens, Liz Wright and Reverso, he set up a DIY wireless communications and self-archiving platform with autonomous cultural spaces in the Peripheries/Favelas and Workers Occupied Houses of São Paulo, Brazil - culminating in a series of events Distributed Spaces 1-5 and Vagabundo Social, an online international forum over the period 2020-2022.

Selected Publications[edit]

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