Anna Schäffler

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Dr. Anna Schäffler is an art historian and curator. Her research on the contemporary preservation of art and cultural assets includes theory and practice at the intersection of art history, conservation, and curating. Recent projects, lectures, publications, and teaching assignments have been particularly devoted to the possibilities of communicating and making visible practices of contemporary art preservation. Together with the media restorer Andreas Weisser, she advises artists, private and public institutions on long-term preservation. In addition to artistic estates, another focus of Anna's interests is on public welfare and commons in the context of art, activism, and urban development. To experimentally test new formats of preserving artistic, collective and urban practices, she initiated the urban praxis lab "CoCooN". (2022)

  • Die Kunst der Erhaltung. Zeitgenössische Restaurierung und Nachlasspraxis im Wandel anhand von Anna Oppermanns prozesshaften Installationen [The Art of Preservation. Anna Oppermann's Ensembles, Contemporary Conservation and Estate Practice in Transition], Munich: Metzel, 2021, 336 pp. Publisher. (German)