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AKUVIDO is the creative pseudonym of the Ukrainian media-artist duet of Victor Dovhalyuk and Hanna Kuts. Victor Dovhalyuk, who lives in Berlin, is a Ukrainian media-artist who studied in the Lviv Academy of Arts and in L4 Institut fuer Neue Medien (Institute of New Media, Berlin). Hanna Kuts studied in the Kharkiv College of Arts, the Department of Monumental Painting of the Lviv Academy of Arts, and in L4 Institut fuer Neue Medien in Berlin. Dovgalyuk and Kuts are leaders of modern Ukrainian art, programmers, graphic artists, and musicians. They created a number of projects that were recognized as brand new approaches using media to shape modern art and music. Their research focuses on combining sound, video, photographs and computer animation in programmed interactive projects. Akuvido were awarded the first prize at ConcoursInternational deNet-Art in the framework of VilletteNumeriqueFestival (Paris).