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ŠKUC (Študenski kulturni center; Students Cultural Center) in Ljubljana "was known in its various phases under the names Center for Student Amateur Film, Center for Student Film, Film Redaction and tehn E-Motion Film. The center worked to support a wide range of alternative and experimental activities in the sphere of film culture. For more than twenty years, ŠKUC supported, stimulated, exhibited and encouraged all forms of production and film-related activities that had been marginalized by the intolerant bureaucracies of official socialist culture. ŠKUC was active in exhibition as well as production, and its contribution to educational and critical film culture in Slovenia in the 1970s was very important, especially in student and amateur filmmaking. The history of ŠKUC breaks down into three periods: (a) The 'learning years' of 1974-79; (b) The first period of 'alternative culture', which saw the development of Slovenian film alternatives between 1979-85; (c) The second period of 'alternative culture and..', which saw the strengthening of the alternative program and its various combinations and transformations in light of new policies between 1985 and 1992." (adapted from Silvan Furlan, "Alternativni film na Slovenskem", Ekran XXII 1-2, 1996, pp 16-19)

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