Stefan Tiron

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Ștefan Tiron (RO) is an artist and writer living and working between Bucharest and Berlin, also known under his alias Megatron. He is a member and co-founder of the Paradis Garaj artist collective, the Otaku festival in Bucharest, ArtLeaks, and Centrul de Calcul collective among many others.

"He carried Mao’s red-book in his pocket and Conan the Barbarian in his bag during the iron-curtain years. During that time, while studying at the German High school in Bucharest he had a long-standing passion for pre-Columbian art, the early hominids, cosmological theories and natural history. After looking for Franz Boas in the NW, ended up graduating an alternative school in Anchorage-Alaska where he got in touch with the frontier and his primitive side. He was supposed to study art history at the Bucharest University but was somehow always confusing that with Biology. In the end he settled for a steampunk critique of the Big Game cultural politics in Afghanistan and India during the British Imperial heyday. Promotes and encourages everybody he knows of and urges everybody to listen to Japanoise, ambient and minimalists such as Phill Niblock. Lives in Bucharest/Sin City ever since. In undertheground we trust." [1]