Nevena Daković

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Nevena Dakovic, PhD is professor of Film Theory/Film Studies at the Dept. of Theory and History at the University of Arts/Belgrade, Serbia and head of Art and Media Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies /PhD level/University of Arts). She is the author of three books (Melodrama is Not a Genre, 1995, Dictionary of Film Theoreticians, 2002; Balkan as (Film) Genre: text, nation, representation, 2008); editor (of the multimedia publication The Representation of the Serbian Cultural and National Identity, 2005) and co editor of another two with prof. D. Derman and prof. K. Ross (Gender and Media, 1997, Media(ted) Identities, 2001). Nevena Dakovic publishes widely in the national and international framework (UK, Turkey, Slovakia, France, USA), participates at the conferences, and is visiting professor (Oxford, Nottingham, Ankara, Ljubljana, Istanbul etc.) and member of number of research groups (Serbia, UK, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway).